Updated forum link on the startpage


    Updated the links page so all atom plugin links points to



  • Change the default font on the entire page to "Georgia" via the style.css

  • CSS cleaning

  • Changed the notice text on frontpage back to red


    Migrated to the domain
  • Updated the tools page


  • Removed the broken form on the index page


  • Changed URL to


  • Testing "to top of page" link

  • Fixing some spelling mistakes

  • Cleaning the code with help from Nick


  • Working on converting the site to be a mix of php and html

  • Working on making the site responsive

  • Changed file extenssions to .php

  • Created custom link colors via CSS

  • Created custom reusable menu via template file

  • Removed line from page title

  • Rewrote the menu

  • Fixed super annoying page title bug


  • Wrote comments on most of the code on the index page

  • Forgetting to write in the changelog again

  • Made the code a bit more readble on the index page

  • The code layout of this changelog is a bit different


  • Changed the background color to be made via CSS as a pure color insted of an image

  • Created CSS navigation menu

  • Fixed changelog code error after css menu was created

  • Added style CSS to test pages

  • Removed menu button

  • Fixed menu spelling

  • Testing reponsive menu on "Test page 1"


  • Added CSS to the index and changelog

  • Added a background image

  • Changed default text color to white

  • Fixed som text border colors


  • Added a border arround my picture

  • Created the changelog

  • Added underline in changelog

  • Code cleaning with Nick

  • Forgetting to write in the changelog ;)

  • Added menu style on changelog page

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